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How I've been making my money

Hey guys,
I just pulled in $1000 last month from selling shirts online. YES, $1000!!!
Its so easy. I just use the website http://www.spreadshirt.com (theres also http://www.cafepress.com) and opened up my FREE stores of tshirts I designed on there. I dont have to worry about shipping them or making them. These companies do that for you. Best of all, it didnt cost a dime to do this. My biggest sellers last month was my Twilight-themed shirts.
I hope my story gives some hope to some of you out there! Making money online is possible!!

An example of the tshirts I do:

PPC SpyTools Report -Free Download...

Can You Really Spy For Cash?

I just picked up a copy of an eye-opening report called "The PPC Spytool Conspiracy" by a guy named Mark Roth.

I had never heard of Mark before... but this report is bound to get some people's attention, because he claims to expose the truth behind the spying tools that have come out recently like Undercover Profits and Google Cash Detective.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much... but then I found out that Mark has quietly become a PPC Super Affiliate in just two years, even breaking the $1 million dollar mark in his first year online. I really started listening after seeing the certificate Google sent him when he got his 1 millionth lead with Google AdWords... that has to get your attention.

I sat down to read the thing through... and I was shocked at the content Mark is giving away for free in this jam-packed 30+ page report.

It seems that Mark just wants to set the record straight once and for all about spying tools... what they can do, what their limits are, and how they can cost you big time if you don't know what you're doing.

The report would have been great if he stopped there... but he dropped some of his secrets to attaining PPC Super Affiliate status that really blew me away. Here is a guy who's not trying to come off as a guru, he's just talking from experience about how he mastered the PPC game.

This report is worth so much more than most $47 ebooks out there, so I highly suggest downloading your copy while Mark is still crazy enough to reveal these secrets for free: http://www.affiliateradar.com/report-arid-92.htm

To your success!

Nicholas Mancini

PS- There is a lot of controversy surrounding spying tools, so I would seriously hurry to get your hands on this before Mark has to take it down: http://www.affiliateradar.com/report-arid-92.htm

Article Directories

Here is a list of article directories sorted by their Alexa rating and PageRank.
The page has only 30+ directories, but you can download all 550 via a link at the bottom of the page:
I am looking for entrepreneurs making business online and providing a lot of advertising space on their sites.

"Quality Guigelines" to Link Exchange Scam

I hope you will find entertaining the following list of link exchange scam "best practices" I've compiled from my 3-year experience in reciprocal linking :)
Of course, I never used such tricks, but often fell victim to them.

( Link Exchange Scam "Best Practices" )

Making Money From Your RSS Feed

I presume many of you guys make money from AdSense. Unfortunately this kind of ads is not shown in RSS feed. People reading my blog's feed comprise some of 25% of my audience, and needless to say this is the most loyal audience. And you are actually missing their clicks!

A solution to this problem can be an advertising technology that allows you to serve ads in RSS. Check out my recent article on how to
( monetize your feed )
In one of my recent posts I wrote about the duplicate content issue. This topic is especially important to me since my blog uses the WordPress content management system which, when used with the default configuration, is not duplicate content proof. In fact this CMS is capable to render almost 100% of your content duplicate.

As usual the fault of the system has roots in its advantages. WordPress has many features facilitating blogging and linking, such as RSS feeds to posts and comments, trackback URLs, monthly archives and so on. In the same time this variety of URLs returning similar or identical pages represents a clear case of duplicate content.
(Proceed to the WordPress vs. Duplicate Content Tutorial)

Addressing Personalities in Your Page Copy

Everyone familiar with the basic copywriting rules knows that successful copy is the one that answers the most critical question for us all: What’s In It For Me? However many authors fail to realize the way this question has to be asked so that it can reflect the preferences and traits of the readers’ personality types. Yours most important objective in your copy is establishing a consistent communication with each personality type, so your prospects can provide the information they require to influence their buying decision.In the most general classification we can observe four main personality types which can be labeled as Amiable, Analytical, Driver and Expressive.
(Online Copywriting: Addressing Personality Types)
What can actually be filtered out as duplicate content and how to solve this issue. Duplicate filter algorithms - Google doesn't rank the content origin higher than its copies!
(Duplicate Content?)

Hey You Guys! Everybody's Relocating

Olgerdviz, Mustang480 and everyone else. We're all at http://www.honestworkfromhomesuccess.com/

Come on over and join the new forum. It's growing. WE MISS YOU! LOL

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